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Holistic Practices

We at NyceMoves believe an athlete's mental wellness supersedes their athletic prowess. Essentially, how an athlete self-regulates through life's challenges and emotionally manages to maintain their sanity, is the driving force behind the work we do. What really elevates our impact, is the spiritual & cultural connection to belief in Our healing sessions offer practices to sharpen their understanding of the benefits of 'knowing thyself', as the most important aspirational goal than athletic achievements. Why, because winning, superstar status, or breaking all records means nothing when your socio-emotional state is unstable. Research has revealed athletes that who experienced such mental states present challenges for athletes to fully rejoice in their accomplishments when dealing with bouts of resentment, past & current traumas, feelings of inadequacy, envy, and a poverty mindset.


"Champions Are Not Born, They are Crafted"

Talent exists all around us. Sometimes the most obscure places, to just hidden in plain sight, talent is ubiquitous. In sports, talent is what makes coaches & recruiters salivate at the very thought of recruiting the best athletes. At the same time, the world has grown to learn that talent can only take you so far. If work ethic & talent are not interlocked then a person's abilities will only plateau, rather than evolve. To be a champion, "talent evolution" is paramount. And the only way to accomplish this is to develop and refine your mindset. As a member of the NyceMoves community, young aspiring athletes, particularly from underresourced communities, are provided essential resources to help them re-write their stories and make the most of their potential. From working to build a network of support to learning purposeful tools to aid in your quest for self-healing, self-mastery, and self-empowerment.

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Be a Dreamer

The ability to tap into your conscious & subconscious mind makes us unique beings. Nothing is manifested without an idea and a desire. NyceMoves encourages athletes to first believe that they are architects of that desire/Idea. Be the captain of your ship. This is especially crucial when you come from an under-resourced community. where tunnel light you cannot see, or access resources typically found in affluent neighborhoods. When you believe you can soar, you will take flight.


The activities we facilitate that play an integral part in creating a health and wellness hub for athletes from underresourced communities that facilitates nutrition and champion mindset workshops, live-cooking classes with recipes provided, athletic fitness training, meditation, and kemetic yoga classes, self-affirmation, academic enrichment programs, workforce and career development, and social-emotional learning classes. Athletes will access the resources needed to build a Champion Mindset.

Sports Clinic

All-Star Affirmations 

All-Star Affirmations is a Health & Wellness clinic designed to introduce and/or reintroduce the benefits of incorporating health and mental wellness practices for a healthy lifestyle.

School Partnerships

Health & Wellness After-School Programs

Interested in partnering with NyceMoves to work with your students After school or on weekends? Let's build to find out how we can support your organization's needs.

Summer Programs

The Dimensions of Wellness

The Six Dimensions of Wellness is a 10-15 session interactive program designed to sharpen their understanding of the benefits of 'knowing thyself', as the most important aspirational goal and to empower and guide athletes through a series of practices, activities, and workouts.


"Before a dream is realized the soul of the world tests everything that was learned on the way, it does this not because it's evil but so that we can in addition to realizing our dreams, master the lessons that we learned as we move toward that dream. That's the point where most people give up"

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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