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Young people need a space to engage, connect, learn, heal, compete, and be empowered in a safe-fun environment. We believe that, although sports build young people into finely tuned gladiators amid worldly role models, sports also share responsibility for manufacturing depression, suicidal thoughts, financial instability, mental wellness deficiencies, chronic illnesses, and anxiety, amongst other challenges. At NyceMoves, our purpose is purely simple, to provide a therapeutic wellness experience tailored to enriching under-resourced athletes' financial, nutritional, and mental literacy.

Essentially, our mission is to build on the “Whole Athlete” (i.e., supporting the athlete to build a healthier lifestyle) Whether you are coming from a single-parent household where mom or dad is overwhelmed from juggling multiple jobs and struggles to provide and/or access adequate time or resources necessary to support their student-athlete, who may be experiencing depression, spiritually uprooted, anxiety, or any other mental health woes; Or an athlete from a two-parent household where both employed parents lack the nutritional and financial literacy to help their teenager (student-athlete) navigate not only through their athletic experience but to steer them on a pathway to enhance their entire well-being.



Impacts from Underresourced Communities 

Historically, conversations about an athlete’s overall mental health are seldom referenced not only because the topic of mental health is taboo but also because of the culture of more violent, stereotypically masculine sports. In boxing, for example, one of the greatest heavyweight champions to be revered was Mike Tyson. "Most of his opponents got intimidated before the fight and, as a result, were losers before they absorbed the first punch”. Unfortunately, if you studied Tyson’s rise to greatness, you would discover the interpersonal and systemic trauma that not only morphed Tyson’s killer instinct in the ring but also led to domestic violence charges and financial stress out of the ring. Tyson now openly speaks about his childhood trauma of poverty, abuse, gang violence, and negligence that haunted him in his adulthood. If someone like Mike Tyson had access to a platform such as NyceMoves, he would have received educational tools and nutritional awareness, financial literacy, mentorship, and practices that promote positive mental wellness to foster healthier coping strategies and decision-making.

Over 70 students learning about the benefits of spiritual-groundedness and the importance of their journey to self-enlightenment. 


"You can outdistance that which is running after you but not what is running inside you"

Les Brown

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